The first beer was Augustiner-Edelstoff and is supposed to be a helles style. Overall the flavor was extremely smooth but also pretty mild. I’d call it one-dimension in a way. It’s easy to drink and has a good balance of grain and hops but I was missing the sharp citrus notes of a typical helles. I’d still recommend this one though for sure.

The next beers are from the Mayers brewery again. But this time it’s their Pfalz Stoff and Pilsner beers. I’ll start with the Pfalz Stoff, which has a lot of citrus flavor upfront. However it almost has a weird “celery” or vegetable type of note going on in the middle of the flavor. The backend was typical grain taste, not roasted, just some sort of plain cereal.

The Mayers Pilsner was more watery and thin in overall taste. However it is very smooth and easy to drink because of that. You taste straw and some light grain. I also noticed some sweetness that comes through while you’re drinking it. I feel like it’s the type of beer you grab on a hot summer day.