The Kaselbacher beer is a Bayrisch Helles style. There are some bigger hints of pine tree vibe to the flavor. Presumably from the type/amount of hops they’re using. I’m not quite sure how a Bayrisch Helles is different than a regular Helles, but having that hoppy vibe could be it? I’d say the overall taste is very smooth and balanced. There’s plenty of grain and cereal notes and just a hint of citrus in the background.

The Valentins beer is also a Helles style, I think from the Bellheimer brewery. It has a nice golden color with the flavor of malt and some grains. I’d say it’s a bit more on the malt side for sure than a cereal/grain/wheat type of flavor. I’d probably recommend the Kaselbacher beer over the Valentins since I’m really not the biggest fan of malty leaning beers usually.