Krombacher is a national German brand of beer, but I never tried their alkoholfrei variety until this past weekend. Overall it tastes surprisingly like regular beer. You definitely get some minor wart flavors in the aftertaste but they’re relatively subtle, especially when the beer is really cold. The flavor is like sweet cereal and untoasted grains. There aren’t any real herby hops like the Jever Fun beer in comparison. It’s easy to drink and would be a decent alternative. In fact, I’d probably prefer this over Krombacher’s regular Pilsner.

The Pilsner from the Kurpfalz brewery is a regular alcohol variety. It starts off very smooth and goes into some hoppy notes. I think it tastes a bit “spiced” from the hops in the background. You also have a small amount of pine flavor. The grains taste like they’re toasted so overall I think it’s a great balance of flavor.