Hello everyone! I’ve gotten a couple comments over the weekend from an anonymous ama plugin I tried adding, but the comments still aren’t displaying on the webpage for some reason. 🤔 I checked different settings but maybe it’s my WordPress theme or something idk. I figured I’d just make a quick post since there’s no way to reply to them.

I really appreciate the well wishes and everything, and I hope everyone is also doing great. Thanks for coming across this site, I assume it’s either from my connoisseur beer stuff or my YouTube parody things 😄 My favorite Hefeweizen is from a brand called Erdinger, specifically the Kristall variety. It doesn’t have that strong banana/bubble gum flavor of a typical Weizen, which is why it’s so tasty and wonderful. I’d highly recommend it! 🍻 The Maisel’s Weisse would also be delicious around this time, since it has holiday spices like cloves and all that in it. But you have to enjoy darker beers lol

I got another question asking what I’ve been up to lately. I’ve mostly just been working the past few weeks/months, nothing too exciting, especially since it feels like nighttime at 5pm lol I’ve been making a lot of tasty homemade food 🤔 that’s been fun trying new recipes and whatnot. Typically it’s stuff from Food Wishes or Allrecipes. Oh, I went to the Black Forest some months ago, which was pretty cool. Lots of great scenery since it’s a bit more mountainous. I wanted to go on a toboggan slide and do a barefoot walking path but didn’t have a chance for that. 😄 The gaming side has been pretty quiet, but I heard that PlayStation might be showing off an expansion for God of War Ragnarok in December. I loved that game so much, so that’ll be quite awesome! I also recently got Yakuza Like A Dragon for the PS4, which is apparently a hilarious series, so that should be fun. The newer Horizon game seems neat. I thought the first one was pretty good 🤔 Hmmm I mainly just play story-based games I guess 😄 Have a great week!