Here are a few other alcohol-free beers I tried over the weekend. Jever Fun has some nice wheat/grain notes but is very herby/hoppy for the flavor profile. Maybe it’s to give it a more complex flavor, otherwise it’d be bland? But it’s decently strong, which is interesting, because the regular Jever doesn’t have much of a hop flavor to it at all. There’s also a slight bit of an aftertaste, which I assume is something to do with the “nonalcoholic” process? It’s not bad though and would be a decent choice if you want a hoppy alcohol-free beer I think.

The next beer is an alcohol-free version of a Hefeweizen from Erdinger. I’d say it’s initially very smooth in the taste and has a lot of carbonation overall. You still have some slight banana and fruitiness you’d find in a regular Weizen, but perhaps a little bit weaker. I felt like it had more of a “banana peel” taste than pure banana. I normally get the Kristall variety from Erdinger, which already has a different flavor compared to the regular Erdinger Weizen. It still feels like you’re drinking a tasty Hefeweizen, so I’d recommend it if you already enjoy the standard Erdinger beers.