Here’s a few new festive beers I tried! The first is from Alpirsbacher (Kloster) and is their Weihnachtsbier. It has a bit of an up and down flavor profile. There’s a good amount of hops but they aren’t overpowering at all. It’s actually really smooth and has some spicy notes, something like cloves and cinnamon.

The next is the Kurpfalz Festbier, which is brewed around Oktoberfest. I’d say it’s a dessert type of beer. There’s a chunk of sweetness and caramel notes overall. You taste molasses with a small hint of holiday spices. I really liked this one and it kinda reminded me of some Märzen varieties.

Finally we have another Festbier, from Mayers. This one was more watery and light compared to the others. It was definitely smooth but there just wasn’t much flavor. I’d say it’s mostly just wheat or straw with a bit of sweetness. Super easy to drink though of course.