Okay, so 99% of the emails I’ve gotten through the Contact page have just been complete spam nonsense. It’s been a bit ridiculous, something crazy like 30-40+ a day of just spam. I do appreciate the handful of real messages, thanks for taking the time for that! I wonder if some may have gotten lost within the spam and deleted though. It’s kinda difficult to notice in the constant sea of spam lol

I was asked about YouTube and yeah I would like to maybe make more animations sometime but I have no idea when. The videos always took such a chunk of time since I had to do everything myself. I really should have made them simpler but oh well. Someone wanted to know if I ever thought about streaming games and I actually have streamed a few games before. It wasn’t very frequently though, just a now and then type of thing. I think that field is pretty saturated with everyone wanting to do that these days. I’m glad some people have enjoyed my animations and hope they made you laugh a little bit!