The Rothaus Märzen beer wasn’t nearly as sweet and dessert-ish tasting as other Märzen brands, but it was “okay” overall. The flavor was mostly just grain and tasted a bit too dry. I probably wouldn’t get it again when there’s something better in this style, like Das Echte.

The Faust Osterbier, or Easter beer, had some unique flavors. It had lots of grain notes, almost like cornflakes, but more of a roasted burnt type. Graham crackers would also be an accurate flavor descriptor.

I got another Kloster but this time it was their Hefe-Weizen. This was really just a typical Hefe-Weizen with flavors of bubblegum and banana. It was fine, it wasn’t bad at all, but super similar to dozens of other brands. I greatly prefer Erdinger Kristall whenever I want a nice Weizen, that’s way more crisp without the intense bubblegum notes.