Here are a few interesting things from when I was in the Netherlands. First is a market in the city of Enschede, which is literally on the border to Germany. They would set up a bunch of food trucks and that sort of thing a couple days each week. The cheese selection was pretty sensational. Most cities, at least in Netherlands and Germany, have a market in the center of the town once or twice a week.

Next is the city of Haarlem. They had a lot of interesting architecture there. And Netherlands in general is known for their Stroopwafels. Which is made with two thin waffle discs and a layer of caramel in between. Every grocery store sold them, my favorite were from Jumbo, but fresh ones are the best.

There’s a Taco Bell that opened in Eindhoven that I went to once. It was so much fancier than the ones in America. It sort of had a hipster vibe to it but I liked it and the food was pretty good.