Here are three new beers for the weekend! The first is a helles-style beer called Käpsele from the Stuttgarter brewery. This one was very interesting because of the flavor. Up front it has some minor citrus notes and medium grain taste. But then it gets a bit watery and finishes off with an aftertaste of Frosted Flakes cereal.

The next beer is from Zweifalter Klosterbräu and is called 1521 Helles Vollbier. I think the overall vibe was sugar water with this one. There was a general “citrus” flavor to it, sorta like Sprite maybe? It wasn’t very strong, but it did have some lime rind as well. I’d say it was quite mild and sweeter than many other beers.

Finally the last beer is from Reckendorfer and it’s their Alt-Hausbrauerbier type. This one is definitely a winner. The flavor was immediately strong toasted grains. It had a good amount of sweetness and was incredibly smooth overall. There was a bit of “sharpness” to the flavor, perhaps from the amount of carbonation or something. It was quite good.