The first beer is a Helles Lagerbier from the wonderful Erdinger brewery, the one that makes my favorite Weizen. 👌🏻 There’s a lot of carbonation in this one which gives it a really sharp taste. The lime aspect of the helles flavor is a bit low but still present. However, I taste more hops/herbs compared to many other helles style beers, so maybe there’s just more going on in the flavor profile. The aftertaste is sharp with some light grains to finish. Perfectly sweet and easy to drink.

The next beer is yet another helles from the Schlappeseppel brewery. It’s pretty mild and smooth overall. There’s a strong lime flavor to it, I’d say 50/50 lime juice to lime rind notes. I don’t taste too much wheat/bread in it so it’s mostly just a smooth citrusy helles beer. I suppose it may have a bit of maltiness halfway through the bottle which isn’t as delicious.