Upcoming Videos – June 2nd, 2013

If you've been reading the posts on my website you'll know that the next video I'm releasing will be based on the popular God of War video game series. After that I'll hopefully have a Breaking Bad parody finished and uploaded the following week. I'm actually pretty proud and surprised I was able to release the Xbox One parody as quickly as I did. When creating an animation I need to finalize a script, record the dialog, write music, create the characters, draw the backgrounds, storyboard it, and animate the entire thing. The amount of time to do even a simple video in the "cutout style" is much greater than I originally anticipated. I would say that deciding on a script is the toughest part for me.

I do enjoy creating the videos though and hope to set aside more time to create new parodies the rest of this year. In fact, after the Breaking Bad parody is uploaded onto YouTube I'd really like to make a new video every week. I know I won't have time for anything else but I predict the stress will be worth it in the end. I have no idea what those weekly videos would even be but I could just make fun of something that has been announced on the news. I know E3 is coming up in a couple weeks, maybe a PS4 or Wii U parody?

South Park is created on a weekly basis in the same sort of way. Unfortunately they have around 70 employees working to create each episode so there's no way I can make anything that length in the same amount of time. YouTube also updated the way videos are ranked based on the viewers retention and the total minutes watched, which is a bit lame for what I'm doing. I guess with enough subscribers and sharing it wouldn't really matter so I'll just have to see what happens.

Eventually it'd be nice to do an original series, I already have ideas for that but need a high amount of subscribers/viewers first. Plus the original episodes will hopefully be 11-12 minutes in length, the same as an Aqua Teen episode or similar. Which will take a longer amount of time to create. I suppose that's still a year or so off based on what I have to do. I should have the God of War video up within a week now though, check back soon for more updates.


Anthony Fazio is a writer, animator, music composer, and self-proclaimed anti-narcissist even though you'll see his name plastered all over everything here.