Upcoming Projects

I'm glad I've gotten another video done and I'm happy with how it turned out. It was originally just going to be the Lakitu's Cloud Ride and Dr. Mario scenes but I added the others to make the video a little longer. I actually came up with a whole list of Nintendo Land attraction parodies when I first started thinking of ideas. In fact, the Zelda trivia video I did was from that same list. I know I need to release videos faster but it's always hard to find time for it, especially considering I'm the only one working on them. Hopefully I can increase production over the coming weeks and months with faster ideas.

I'd really like to expand into more categories too, even though I know the majority of my viewers are probably Nintendo fans. I know the new consoles will be releasing in a few months so I've considered doing an animated PS4 Greatness Awaits commercial or maybe one based on some PS4/Vita games. I may even move into doing topical videos based on celebrities or something happening in the news. There are also more short/fast Nintendo Land scenes I have written down that I could do. I guess it depends on how well the latest video does, if that gets a lot of views I may lean towards pursuing that sort of thing. I figured I could even do a general "video game land" concept so I could include other games from 3rd-parties. Plus there's still the Breaking Bad parody I'd like to finish as soon as possible too …but I'm reworking the script on that a bit.

I know YouTube ranks videos based on audience retention and length of the video. For instance, your video will get priority and rise in views faster if people are watching the video in it's entirety. That in turn increases the retention rate, even moreso if people rewatch parts. You can't just make a 10 second video to try to get a high retention rate though, that doesn't work. Which is why YouTube has also given importance to the length of the video. Basically it's retention rate + video length = view popularity. In their minds it's harder to keep people engaged in longer videos.

I'll ponder on some ideas and scripts in the meantime and hopefully have new screenshots posted within a week. Maybe I'll even do some live events and stream my desktop as I animate the latest video.


Anthony Fazio is a writer, animator, music composer, and self-proclaimed anti-narcissist even though you'll see his name plastered all over everything here.