Tearaway Comic – Origami Food

tearaway vita


This quick comic is based on a game called Tearaway from developer Media Molecule for the Playstation Vita. They’re also known for making the popular series “LittleBigPlanet” which you may have heard of. I absolutely loved this game and thought it had so many unique gameplay ideas. I recommend everyone play it if they get the chance. I know a lot of people say that about this game but it really is something special. It’s rather short though with the campaign only running around 5-7 hours. It’ll last around 12 hours if you’re a trophy hunter and go after the platinum trophy though.

It’s unfortunate that the Vita hasn’t been selling as well as it should since it’s been out. It’s like holding a portable console in your hands and already has a ton of great games available for it… c’est la vie. It’s shocking that more people don’t even know what it is. Sony announced sales were picking up thanks to the remote play feature of the Playstation 4 though so who knows what will happen over the course of the year. I guess I might as well embed the launch trailer of the Tearaway game too so you can see more of the actual game. Thanks for reading!



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