Future Video Game Parodies

Things have been increasing extremely fast this month thanks to retweets on Twitter, likes on Facebook, and my Zelda parody video being posted over at www.ZeldaDungeon.net. I've talked about doing my original scientist/robot comedy cartoon series and the zombie teachings series already but I wanted to mention that I also have other video game parodies planned for the future. I'm trying to create things that will appeal to a large amount of people; I want to have something for everyone.

I should be able to finish the first episode of the scientist/robot series in a few more days. Then I may make a quick video making fun of a celebrity since it'd be relatively easy to do. After that I'll go back and forth between the zombie series and another video game parody. I'm not sure which one I'll choose yet I have ideas for God of War, Metal Gear Solid, another Zelda one, and a few others.

If you enjoy the things I create and write please also retweet, "like", and share my content because it does help. Hopefully in a few more months I can have "giveaways" and things for fans. Thanks!


Anthony Fazio is a writer, animator, music composer, and self-proclaimed anti-narcissist even though you'll see his name plastered all over everything here.