Comic 1 – Mario and Yoshi

The latest Mario comic shows how much patience Yoshi has in Super Mario 64. He waits up there on top of Peach’s castle until Mario acquires all 120 stars in the game; aside from the glitches you can do to get up there before then. I was sitting around overthinking that situation, as I do with many situations, and I was wondering how Yoshi got up there in the first place. I don’t remember seeing any doors or roof access. I guess he could have just used a Lakitu cloud to fly up there before it disappeared. That’s the most likely answer right? Yes, besides the fact that it’s just a game of course.
I think it’s likely that Yoshi also would have resorted to eating all of those extra 1-UP mushrooms he had to stave off hunger. Maybe he could have stayed hydrated somehow from the mist given off from the waterfall as well. There’s just no way Yoshi would have been alive when Mario finally got there, especially by the time I got to him. I really never understood his pointless/worthless gift either. Unlocking 100 lives is something that would come in handy early on in a game, not at the end. If you’ve collected everything there is to collect, what’s the point of having maximum lives?! I digress… I don’t want to seem like I’m raging on a game that came out almost 20 years ago. It’s just a random thought that had crossed my mind.
This Mario comic captures the events of what would happen to Yoshi in my mind. In my opinion, it should have been unlocked sooner or you should have been able to ride him as a bonus. I personally love Yoshi, as the majority of Nintendo fans do. That’s why it’s unfortunate he most likely baked in the sun, starved to death, or died of dehydration. If none of those and Mario DID somehow make it to him in enough time, dude would have broken his legs jumping off Peach’s castle after giving Mario those mushrooms.


Anthony Fazio is a writer, animator, music composer, and self-proclaimed anti-narcissist even though you'll see his name plastered all over everything here.