Blog – January 5th, 2013

Well it's a new year so here's a new blog post for everyone. I suppose I should start with the new Zelda parody video, which is just about done; I just need to meet up with someone to have them record the voice of Navi and Zelda. I just checked and this new video is around 17 lines of dialog total, the older Zelda parody I did was about 25 lines. That old one ended up being 2 minutes long so I suspect this new one to be around 1:10 or so in length. After that's finally uploaded I'll be focusing on releasing short 30-40 second videos as quickly as possible. I think I'll be able to pump those out relatively fast compared to what I've been doing.

I'm still contemplating the crayon drawn series as well, it would look unique and be crazy fast/easy to do. Everything needs to either look really good or purposefully really bad to be on YouTube, anything in between just looks half-assed. If I lived closer to my nieces I'd love to have them voice the characters of the crayon series. Maybe I'll do a few tests and post screenshots of what it would look like. I realize I have to maximize the amount of videos I release, it's just hard to find time for everything lately.


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