New animation started and other news

I thought it was about time to make a new post and let everyone know that I’m still alive. As I’ve mentioned previously, the majority of my free time has been spent working on some other projects that don’t involve this website. They have been taking me longer than I originally anticipated, so it’s difficult to find time for everything else that I’d like to do. I have good news though because I’ve just started working on a script for a brand new animation! I’m not quite sure when I’ll have it uploaded, but I’ll post screenshots as I continue to make progress on it. My plan is to start working on new animations more often now. I do enjoy making them and I appreciate the positive feedback people have given me regarding them.

On a side note, I’ll probably still try to release comics here as well. They’re relatively quick to do and would give people something extra to see when they visit my site. I do get a decent amount of visitors here each day even with the lack of new content/information. Which reminds me, has everyone noticed that Google Plus recently started displaying a profile view count on everyone’s profile? I was pretty shocked to see mine is up to 135,000 since I only made my account about a year or so ago. I don’t really use it for much other than linking to my posts and videos. I assume it’s probably from people visiting from my YouTube channel, that makes the most sense. I saw it and just thought it was peculiar.

I don’t think there’s much else going on so I’ll go off topic a bit. In terms of gaming, I’m pretty pumped about the new Mario Kart for the Wii U in May. I also recently bought InFamous and FEZ for the PS4 as well, haven’t really had much time to play them though. I’ve been doing that really frequently the past few months, just buying games even though I don’t have the time to play them. One of these days though! Anyway hopefully it won’t be another two months until I make an update. I’ll probably have a comic up soon and maybe more details about the new animation. The backgrounds shouldn’t take too long so maybe you’ll get a glimpse of those as well, how exciting is that? The curiosity and suspense is terrible! Check back soon!


Anthony Fazio is a writer, animator, music composer, and self-proclaimed anti-narcissist even though you'll see his name plastered all over everything here.