Rayman Legends PS4

Here’s another streaming clip, this time of Rayman Legends on the PS4. I think this was actually the first time I streamed a game so I was trying to figure the settings out. There are some pauses and it’s mostly just me playing but I figured I’d post it anyway. Let me know what you think! I’d still like to stream more at some point of course but I’ll have to see which game lol

Update: I think YouTube made some sort of change within the past few months that made this video stop being displayed. No idea when that happened but I think it’s playing fine now though?

Super Mario Bros. 2 Piano Overworld Theme

This is a piano version of a SMB2 song I created when I remade my original Mario parody animation. It played during the credits scene, where my name and a ton of various job titles ran. I had it on the site before and figured I’d add it again for anyone interested in it.

Bloodborne PS4 – Gameplay

Here’s an old gameplay stream I did of the game Bloodborne. Someone asked if I had any clips from when I streamed games and apparently I do, so, here you go! lol I don’t know if I’ll leave this up for long but I figured I’d post it.

It’s definitely more of a laidback and chill stream, hope you like it! Let me know in the contact form. Also, thanks again for the handful of real messages and the positive comments about my content.

Update: It seems like YouTube made some sort of change sometime within the past few weeks/months that stopped this video from playing. It should be playing fine now though! Thanks for letting me know!