7 Days Bake Rolls – Garlic

These garlic bagel chips are one of my favorite snack things. They have a delicious roasted garlic flavor that tastes pretty “natural”. I guess the only slight downside is that only one of the sides is coated with the flavoring. They do have other varieties but the garlic/Knoblauch is definitely the best 🤤

Lindt Spaghetti-Eis & Krokant-Becher

Got some new chocolate from Lindt. There are several different varieties to choose from, something like 7-10 or so. I chose a spaghetti ice cream type and a krokant-becher flavor. They’re very rich and the consistency of the filling is quite thick and dense. They both tasted really good!

Rügenwalder Teewurst

This is teewurst from Rügenwalder, which is basically a type of spreadable sausage 😂 The brand itself is really good and they make a lot of other delicious products. There are typically two different types of teewurst: Grob and Fein. It has a strong smoky bacon flavor and is usually eaten during breakfast, spread on a bun. I also really like to use it on sandwiches to jazz up the flavor with some baconness lol