Kurpfalz / Welde

So the Kurpfalz Bräu Barbara Bock smells a bit medicinal. It’s a higher alcohol content at 7% and you can definitely taste that. The flavor is roasted grains and malt but also kinda watery? It’s a bit of an odd taste.

The Welde No. 1 Slow Beer Pils smells a bit skunky but tastes really smooth. The flavor is mild upfront with a bit of sweetness and malt notes. Would be good on a hot day.

Rothaus / Faust / Kloster

The Rothaus Märzen beer wasn’t nearly as sweet and dessert-ish tasting as other Märzen brands, but it was “okay” overall. The flavor was mostly just grain and tasted a bit too dry. I probably wouldn’t get it again when there’s something better in this style, like Das Echte.

The Faust Osterbier, or Easter beer, had some unique flavors. It had lots of grain notes, almost like cornflakes, but more of a roasted burnt type. Graham crackers would also be an accurate flavor descriptor.

I got another Kloster but this time it was their Hefe-Weizen. This was really just a typical Hefe-Weizen with flavors of bubblegum and banana. It was fine, it wasn’t bad at all, but super similar to dozens of other brands. I greatly prefer Erdinger Kristall whenever I want a nice Weizen, that’s way more crisp without the intense bubblegum notes.

Löwenbräu / Welde Kellerbier 🍺

The Löwenbräu 1747 was absolutely delicious with flavors of honey and a small amount of spicy notes. It didn’t taste heavy at all and was really refreshing. I think I’m going to try to get an entire crate of it this week.

The Welde Natur Stoff Kellerbier was pretty standard as far as Kellerbiers go. It was quite sweet, in fact, the sweetness stayed on your tongue for a bit after you took a sip. Overall the flavor was roasted grain with slight caramel-like notes.

Kloster – Beer 🍺

I picked up a few bottles of a beer brand called Kloster at an Edeka grocery store. They’re made by the Klosterbrauerei and the varieties were Landbier, Hell, Kellerbier, and Spezial. I completely forgot to do a pic of the Spezial one.

They were all really good and had some interesting flavors overall. The Landbier was kind of just a classic beer, like a pilsner or lager, but smooth and there were some nice wheat notes. The Hell type had a lime rind taste, typical of a Helles, with a sharp carbonation. The Kellerbier was quite sweet and really only had some mellow grain flavor. The Spezial one was overall fruity, almost like a cherry-ish taste.