5/13/14 Update – Projects

Here’s another exciting update for everyone, and look, it’s only been a month since my last post! I’ll start by letting everyone know that I’ve made some really great progress lately and have been able to finish a lot of stuff. The past month especially has brought on some great news, thankfully. Most of my time has been spent focusing on other side projects and they’ve blown up to be major things for me; which is why I’ve been spending so much time on them the past few months. It’s always nice to see hard work payoff right? I’ll continue to focus on them but I hope to get more time for this site and animations in the near future.

Again, I’m semi-sorry for the lack of new animations on YouTube, I do love making them. I’ve still been writing new scripts and creating some artwork for future parodies/shows. The pace is just so slow because of these other projects. They’re far bigger and more important to me at the moment. I was also in the process of moving a few weeks ago so that’s a whole other thing to deal with. I’m hoping to get a little more time to release new animations soon. Especially with E3 coming up which I’m crazy pumped to watch. I might do a quick parody if anything good happens during any of the E3 conferences like last year.

I’ll try to make another update within two weeks or so. Maybe post new comics or even some new artwork for the animations I’m working on at least. Thanks for reading and make sure to check back soonish!


Anthony Fazio is a writer, animator, music composer, and self-proclaimed anti-narcissist even though you'll see his name plastered all over everything here.